Blog Wedding Video Inspiration: Super 8 Film

- April 22, 2016 -

Wedding Video Inspiration: Super 8 Film

If you’ve been browsing the internet for modern wedding video inspiration, you’ve likely watched a few that look like they could have been filmed in 1965. You know the type—somewhat fuzzy or soft focused, often either black and white or in warm, high-contrast color.

These old-timey wedding videos are called “Super 8 films” which means they’re shot on vintage Super 8mm film, a much-loved throwback method that produces a timeless picture.

While a Super 8 wedding film isn’t for everyone, we’ve loved seeing how this alternative filming style is being revived by modern couples and wedding cinematographers. The quality is three-parts artistic, charming, and classic, leaving viewers feeling as if they’ve just witnessed a unique, and important, piece of history.

If you’re considering a Super 8 film for your wedding, or still have no idea what we’re talking about, below is an example we love from filmmaker Eric Staples.

Congrats to the featured happy couple, Ashley & Chris, who just celebrated their 4 year wedding anniversary! We dig y’all’s style.

Is there a Super 8 wedding video you love? We’d love to watch it! Leave a link in the comments below or email us.