Blog Spotlight: Dallas Wilson, Videographer

- January 7, 2016 -

Spotlight: Dallas Wilson, Videographer

Written by

Cadence Turpin

Meet Dallas Wilson, one of our featured vendors and a talented wedding videographer based out of Nashville, TN. Dallas has been in the wedding business for 5 years and, as of today, he has shot exactly 100 weddings.

Dallas got into this line of work after being inspired by another wedding video he watched online. The story he watched brought him to tears, and he knew he’d stumbled upon the opportunity to capture something really special. “At the time, I was all about shooting music videos. That’s all I wanted to do,” said Dallas. But after that moment, his focus shifted.

Dallas began using his love for videography to capture a momentous day in many couples’ love stories. His goal has always been to capture the same type of honest, heartfelt moments that first inspired him. He’s determined to deliver videos that allow couples, friends, and family “to relive the whole day” in just a few minutes.

When asked what advice he’d give to couples looking for their perfect wedding videographer, he recalls the effect that inspired his career: “Find someone whose videos make you cry.”

Visit Dallas’s profile to learn about his story, and watch one of his favorite videos below:

Find someone whose videos make you cry.