Blog Meet the Band: CTWF Bridal Jewelry

- February 3, 2016 -

Meet the Band: CTWF Bridal Jewelry

Meet the band… the band that fits on your finger, that is. Consider The WldFlwrs (CTWF) is a beautifully simplistic fine jewelry line based in Nashville, TN. Not only do they craft gorgeous bridal bands and jewelry, but they also offer floral design workshops for weddings. Their mission as a company is “to discover wild beauty through the exploration of craft” and this is well-accomplished in their work with both fine metals and flowers.

So if you’re looking to add a few custom details to your wedding, look no further.

Here’s 3 ways Consider The Wldflwrs can help:

  1. Handmade wedding bands
  2. Handmade bridal party jewelry
  3. Personalized workshops for you and your bridesmaids to make your own florals.

Something you’ll wear forever…

CTWF bridal jewelry is perfect for the woman who values subtle detail and simple elegance. If you’re looking for bridal jewelry that compliments your wedding dress, yet doesn’t steal the show—CTWF is the line for you. Maybe the best part about owning a CTWF bridal piece is its versatility, as it is classic enough to wear with almost anything.

And CTWF doesn’t just sell bridal jewelry. They offer many other stylish on-hand pieces in their shop, giving you and your bridesmaids the opportunity to grow and mix-and-match your collections long after the big day.

The CTWF Team would love to hear from you about what you’re dreaming of for your wedding day. Send them a message through their Wedable profile for more information about pricing, personalized bridesmaid workshops, and bridal band appointments.